Code of Conduct of EuroRating credit rating agency

Caring about the transparency of the credit rating activity, EuroRating publishes the most important criteria, methodologies and internal regulations concerning assigned credit ratings.

The most important internal procedure applicable in the agency, which defines the basic rules of credit rating activity conducted by EuroRating is the Code of Conduct. This Code is consistent with the guidelines included in the model code (the Code of Conduct Fundamentals For Credit Rating Agencies) developed for rating agencies by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

The Code of Coduct of EuroRating credit rating agency defines, amongst others, the rules concerning the quality and integrity of the process of issuing and monitoring credit ratings, the independence of EuroRating credit rating agency and rating analysts employed in the agency, as well as rules of conduct in regard to rated entities and rating users as well as the publication of rating assessments and the transparency of the rating activity conducted by the agency.

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