Propifi Capital Ltd (United Kingdom) - credit rating for bond issue

Propifi Capital Ltd  (United Kingdom)
Company registration number: 11304890;  LEI: 8945006YIEQBNZEP2Q92
Credit rating for secured bonds issue BDS 30/11/24 GBP1 (ISIN GB00BJXRPX80)
Credit rating
for bond issue
Outlook Date Download
rating withdrawn * 04.03.2020 rating note
BBB- stable 24.10.2019 -
BBB- stable 01.06.2019 full report

* The credit rating for the secured bonds issue of Propifi Capital Ltd was withdrawed due to a cancellation of the bonds issue by the company and an expiration of the contract concluded with the issuer.

The pressented credit rating was a solicited rating assigned to senior secured bonds of Propifi Capital Ltd (United Kingdom), denominated in GBP,  with maturity date 30/11/2024, ISIN: GB00BJXRPX80.

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