Current public credit ratings - non-financial corporations

Companies sorted by increasing credit risk
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Company name Credit rating Rating outlook
PGNiG S.A. (Poland) A-  ip stable
Propifi Bonds plc  (United Kingdom)
credit rating for a secured bonds issue
A- stable
Asseco Poland S.A. (Poland) BBB+  ip stable
Audacia Capital (Ireland) plc (Ireland) BBB+ stable
PGE S.A. (Poland) BBB+  ip stable
PKN Orlen S.A. (Poland) BBB  ip stable
Grupa Lotos S.A. (Poland) BBB-  ip positive
Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. (Poland) BBB-  ip stable
Dino Polska S.A. (Poland) BBB-  ip stable
KGHM Polska Miedz S.A. (Poland) BBB-  ip stable
LPP S.A. (Poland) BBB-  ip stable
Mercator Medical S.A. (Poland) BBB-  ip stable
Tauron Polska Energia S.A. (Poland) BBB-  ip stable
CD Projekt S.A. (Poland) BBB-  ip negative SA (Luxembourg) BB+  ip stable
Orange Polska S.A. (Poland) BB+  ip stable
TVR Finance Ltd (United Kingdom)
credit rating for a secured bonds issue
BB- stable
CCC S.A. (Poland) B+  ip stable
Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa S.A. (Poland) B  ip negative

Note: rating history is available by clicking the company's credit rating

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Current and historical public ratings issued by the EuroRating credit rating agency are also published on the European Rating Platform maintained by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Monitoring of credit risk of the rated companies is conducted in an ongoing manner; standard verification of the assigned ratings is carried out on quarterly basis. Unless clearly indicated in the additional description, presented credit ratings are ratings for the issuer – they represent the general assessment of the financial reliability of the rated entity (relating to credit risk of the entity's unsecured and unsubordinated financial liabilities).

See rating scale description »

Ratings marked "ip" are unsolicited ratings. These ratings are assigned by EuroRating on the agency’s own initiative, in reply to information needs of market participants, and the process of credit risk assessment for rated entities is based on publicly available information.

Ratings marked in green mean unsolicited rating for which the rated entity (or a related third party) did not participate in the rating process and EuroRating did not have access to the accounts, management and other relevant internal documents for the rated entity or a related third party.

Withdrawed public credit ratings - corporations

Public credit ratings for corporations withdrawn in the last 3 years
(companies listed alphabetically)

Company name Credit rating
Access Commercial Investors 4 plc (United Kingdom)
credit rating for secured bonds
rating withdrawn
Alumetal S.A. (Poland) rating withdrawn
Energa S.A. (Poland) rating withdrawn
Eurocash S.A. (Poland) rating withdrawn
GetBack S.A. (Poland) rating withdrawn
Murapol S.A. (Poland) rating withdrawn
Play Communications S.A. (Luxembourg) rating withdrawn
Propifi Capital Ltd  (United Kingdom)
credit rating for a secured bonds issue
rating withdrawn
Rainbow Global Operations Ltd (Ireland)
credit rating for a secured bonds issue
private rating
Round Table Resources plc  (United Kingdom)
credit rating for a secured bonds issue
rating withdrawn

Note: rating history is available by clicking the company's credit rating

The EuroRating credit rating agency provides a history of public credit ratings withdrawn by the agency in the last 3 years (36 months) – this is the time horizon for credit risk assessment, which apply to credit ratings issued by EuroRating.