Audacia Capital (Ireland) plc - credit rating for the company

Audacia Capital (Ireland) plc
Company registration number (Ireland): 622442;  LEI code: 635400EBZOZHDCUVLR12
Credit rating for the company
Credit rating Outlook Date Download
BBB negative 19.01.2024 rating note
BBB negative 21.07.2023 rating note
BBB stable 27.10.2022 rating note
BBB+ stable 17.05.2022 -
BBB+ stable 11.02.2022 -
BBB+ stable 26.10.2021 full report
BBB+ stable 15.06.2021 -
BBB+ stable 21.12.2020 -
BBB+ stable 30.06.2020 full report

The pressented credit rating is a solicited rating assigned to the company Audacia Capital (Ireland) plc.

As Audacia Capital (Ireland) plc operates as a bond issuance platform for other companies (bond obligors), EuroRating indicates that the credit rating assigned to Audacia Capital (Ireland) plc only relates to the credit risk of its own unsecured and unsubordinated financial obligations and does not apply to any of the bond series issued through Audacia's bond platform by other companies (bond obligors).

Lead rating analyst:   Robert Pienkos    phone: +48 22 349 21 46
Chairman of the Rating Committee:   Adam Dobosz   phone: +48 22 349 24 33

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