Which entities may obtain a credit rating from EuroRating?

The EuroRating credit rating agency specializes in rating the credit risk of companies and financial institutions. EuroRating does not issue credit ratings for sovereigns, local governments, or structured instruments.

We offer professional and reliable credit ratings (public and private) for companies and investors worldwide.

A credit rating is usually applied in case of companies issuing corporate bonds. Obtaining a credit rating may be however very beneficial also in case of companies listed on the stock market only, as well as in case of companies not admitted to public trading.

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EuroRating does not define any formal requirements concerning the scale or the type of business activity conducted by entities interested in obtaining a credit rating. In addition, the rated company does not have to have a particularly good financial and economic situation, because a potential worse condition of the company and the related higher credit risk may, in such case be reflected in a lower rating level.

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 A company applying for a credit rating is required to provide EuroRating with numerous essential data on its economic and financial condition and to future submission of quarterly financial statements and other additional information, enabling the agency to conduct periodical updates of the assigned rating.

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 A credit rating assigned to a company may be a public rating (made available to all interested persons), or a private rating (not publicly disclosed). The analysed company may decide about the form and scope of the publication of the assigned credit rating after the completion of the rating process by EuroRating, during the approval of the scope of information disclosed in the accompanying rating report.