Public credit ratings

EuroRating specializes in assigning credit ratings for corporations and financial institutions (banks, guarantee funds). EuroRating’s activity does not include issuing credit ratings to sovereigns, local governments, or structured instruments.

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Public credit ratings issued by EuroRating are mainly dedicated to companies, which are planning issuance or already have issued corporate bonds. A precise assessment of the company’s financial reliability is helpful during determination of the cost of external capital. Such assessment is provided free of charge to investors, thanks to which the transparency of the company is increased, what positively affects the demand and market liquidity of issued debt securities, thus facilitating issuance of bonds.

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Credit ratings assigned by EuroRating credit rating agency (formally registered in the EU, supervised by ESMA and having the ECAI status) may be applied for regulatory purposes by all financial institutions throughout the European Union (including banks, investment firms and insurance companies), which means that the potential application of the assigned credit rating is very wide and is not only limited to issuance of bonds. Obtaining a public credit rating may be very beneficial also in case of companies listed on the stock market, or even in case of companies not admitted to public trading.

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