Private credit ratings

EuroRating, apart from issuing public ratings (provided to an unlimited group of users) also deals with preparation of various types of credit risk assessments and analyses of financial standing of companies, provided and used only for the needs of ordering parties and/or appointed third parties. Such assessments may have the character of private ratings (not being subject to publication).

The type and scope of conducted credit risk assessments is always adjusted to individual needs of clients. These may include one-off assessments accompanied by an analytical report, or classic credit ratings, continuously monitored and periodically verified, accompanied by full rating reports (provided only to the ordering party and/or appointed third parties).

Private ratings are usually applied for purposes such as:

  • presentation by the company of its own assessment of financial reliability during participation in tenders

  • assessment of a threat of bankruptcy of business contractors

  • assessment of credit risk for issuers of bonds on the primary market

  • assessment of the attractiveness and selection of potential investments on the secondary bonds market

  • monitoring credit risk of components of debt securities portfolios

  • valuation of corporate bonds for the purpose of determining the value of investment portfolios

  • assessment of the company bankruptcy risk in case of investments on the stock market

  • assessment of the claim recovery value in case of bankruptcy

  • determining reference and discount rates (e.g. in case of public aid).

If you need to determine an exact (current or historic) level of credit risk of an enterprise (own company or other enterprise) please contact us with an inquiry.

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