Financial analyses

EuroRating, thanks to our competences in the area of economic and financial analyses of companies, deals with preparation of various types of analyses ordered by our clients. This mainly concerns financial, economic and strategic analyses, aiming at determining the financial condition of an enterprise and its strategic position.

The type and scope of analyses is adjusted to clients’ needs and to the purpose of application. Our analyses may take the form of e.g.:

  • complex fundamental analysis of an enterprise

  • substantial element of a due diligence process upon making decisions on mergers or acquisitions

  • help with making management decisions regarding the structure and source of financing

  • identification of weaknesses and strengths, as well as opportunities and threats for a company

  • basis for an assessment of implemented optimization and restructuring processes

  • assessment of corrected financial statements, being the basis for determining normalized financial results and the actual financial condition of a company

  • assessment of the value of claim recovery in case of the enterprise’s insolvency.

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