Types of services provided by EuroRating

The basic type of activity of EuroRating is the issuance of public credit ratings for corporations and financial institutions (including, in particular, those issuing or planning issuance of bonds) and publishing, free-of-charge, the assigned credit ratings to all persons interested in financial reliability of the rated entities.

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Apart from classic public credit ratings, EuroRating also deals with preparing non-public credit risk assessments of companies, ordered by clients, including issuing private credit ratings – made available only to the ordering party or third parties indicated thereby.

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EuroRating, being a specialized company with high competences in the area of economic and financial analyses, also deals with preparation of various types of analyses (financial, economic and strategic) adjusted to individual needs of clients.

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Our services in the area of assessment of the market value of companies are complimentary to credit risk assessments and economic/financial analyses.

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