Synthos S.A. (Poland) - credit rating history

Synthos S.A.  (Poland)
National Court Register No. 0000038981
Credit rating Outlook Date
rating withdrawn ** 18.03.2016
BBB+  ip stable 12.01.2016
BBB+  ip stable 05.10.2015
BBB+  ip stable 17.07.2015
BBB+  ip stable 22.04.2015
BBB+  ip stable 27.11.2014
BBB+  ip stable 17.09.2014
BBB+  ip stable 14.05.2014
rating continued * 14.05.2014
rating suspended * 23.07.2013
BBB+  ip stable 11.06.2013
BBB+  ip stable 29.03.2013
BBB+  ip stable 12.12.2012
BBB+  ip stable 21.09.2012
BBB+  ip stable 05.06.2012
BBB+  ip stable 19.03.2012

** The credit rating for Synthos S.A. was withdrawn due to a removal on 18 December 2015 of the company by the Warsaw Stock Exchange from the list of companies included in the blue chip stock index WIG20.

* Publication of the rating for Synthos S.A. was in the period 23.07.2013-13.05.2014 r. temporarily suspended.

The credit rating for the company Synthos S.A. (Poland) was an unsolicited rating („ip” subscript).

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